Message From The Chairman


Many years ago Preacher Clarence Greenleaf of the Grundy Church of Christ asked the question, “What is one thing we have yet to restore in the New Testament Church?”  He came up with a good answer … Prayer.  We have baptism for the remission of sins, weekly Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week, the Biblical names, the proper form of church government … but are we praying as did the first century church?  For the vast majority, the answer is “No.”  We need to restore first century prayer to the Lord’s Church!

So the National Prayer Clinic was born in 1970 at the beautiful Church of Christ Youth Camp in Vansant, VA.  The time was set for the 2nd Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of October … one of the most beautiful times in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  For many years, great men of faith and prayer have come to this special mountain of prayer to revive their spiritual batteries.

I have been blessed to attend and participate in this spiritual feast every year since 1976.  It has been the highlight of the year for me as well as for many others brothers in Christ.

Plan to attend and be blessed!  Dorms are available.  Camping areas are available.  Food and fellowship are abundant … all for just $40.  I hope to see you on the mountain this October.


Jerry Bliffen